BMA150 3-axis accelerometer

The BMA150 is a triaxial, low-g acceleration sensor IC with digital output for consumer market applications. It allows measurements of acceleration in perpendicular axes as well as absolute temperature measurement.

An evaluation circuitry converts the output of a three-channel micromechanical acceleration-sensing structure that works according to the differential capacitance principle.

Package and interface have been defined to match a multitude of hardware requirements. Since the sensor IC has small footprint and flat package it is attractive for mobile applications. The sensor IC can be programmed to optimize functionality, performance and power consumption in customer specific applications.

The BMA150 senses tilt, motion and shock vibration in cell phones, handhelds, computer peripherals, man-machine interfaces, virtual reality features and game controllers.

The BMA150 is the LGA package version of the SMB380 triaxial acceleration sensor which is available in a 3mm x 3mm x 0.9mm QFN package.

Source: Bosch Sensortec BM150 product description, 3/28/2012

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Register Map

 R/WBit 7Bit 6Bit 5Bit 4Bit 3Bit 2Bit 1Bit 0
[0x00] R/W 
[0x01] R/W 
[0x02] R/W 
[0x03] R/W 
[0x04] R/W 
[0x05] R/W 
[0x06] R/W 
[0x07] R/W 
[0x08] R/W 
[0x09] R/W 
[0x0A] R/W 
[0x0B] R/W 
[0x0C] R/W 
[0x0D] R/W 
[0x0E] R/W 
[0x0F] R/W 
[0x10] R/W 
[0x11] R/W 
[0x12] R/W 
[0x13] R/W 
[0x14] R/W 
[0x15] R/W 
[0x16] R/W 
[0x17] R/W 
[0x18] R/W 
[0x19] R/W 
[0x1A] R/W 
[0x1B] R/W 
[0x1C] R/W 
[0x1D] R/W 
[0x2B] R/W 
[0x2C] R/W 
[0x2D] R/W 
[0x2E] R/W 
[0x2F] R/W 
[0x30] R/W 
[0x31] R/W 
[0x32] R/W 
[0x33] R/W 
[0x34] R/W 
[0x35] R/W 
[0x36] R/W 
[0x37] R/W 
[0x38] R/W 
[0x39] R/W 
[0x3A] R/W 
[0x3B] R/W 
[0x3C] R/W 
[0x3D] R/W