I2C device library collection for AVR/Arduino or other C++-based MCUs

Public Member Functions
AK8975 Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 AK8975 ()
 AK8975 (uint8_t address)
void initialize ()
bool testConnection ()
uint8_t getDeviceID ()
uint8_t getInfo ()
bool getDataReady ()
void getHeading (int16_t *x, int16_t *y, int16_t *z)
int16_t getHeadingX ()
int16_t getHeadingY ()
int16_t getHeadingZ ()
bool getOverflowStatus ()
bool getDataError ()
uint8_t getMode ()
void setMode (uint8_t mode)
void reset ()
void setSelfTest (bool enabled)
void disableI2C ()
void getAdjustment (uint8_t *x, uint8_t *y, uint8_t *z)
void setAdjustment (uint8_t x, uint8_t y, uint8_t z)
uint8_t getAdjustmentX ()
void setAdjustmentX (uint8_t x)
uint8_t getAdjustmentY ()
void setAdjustmentY (uint8_t y)
uint8_t getAdjustmentZ ()
void setAdjustmentZ (uint8_t z)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AK8975::AK8975 ( )

Default constructor, uses default I2C address.

See also:
AK8975::AK8975 ( uint8_t  address)

Specific address constructor.

addressI2C address
See also:

Member Function Documentation

void AK8975::initialize ( )

Power on and prepare for general usage. No specific pre-configuration is necessary for this device.

bool AK8975::testConnection ( )

Verify the I2C connection. Make sure the device is connected and responds as expected.

True if connection is valid, false otherwise

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