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DateTime Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DateTime (uint32_t t=0)
 DateTime (uint16_t year, uint8_t month, uint8_t day, uint8_t hour=0, uint8_t min=0, uint8_t sec=0)
 DateTime (const char *date, const char *time)
uint16_t year () const
uint8_t month () const
uint8_t day () const
uint8_t hour () const
uint8_t minute () const
uint8_t second () const
uint8_t dayOfWeek () const
long secondstime () const
uint32_t unixtime (void) const

Protected Attributes

uint8_t yOff
uint8_t m
uint8_t d
uint8_t hh
uint8_t mm
uint8_t ss

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