BMP085 pressure sensor

Source: Bosch Sensortec BMP085 product description, 3/28/2012

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  • Test (Anonymous, 2/4/2013)

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Register Map

 R/WBit 7Bit 6Bit 5Bit 4Bit 3Bit 2Bit 1Bit 0
[0xAA] AC1_HRO[15:0] AC1
[0xAB] AC1_LRO
[0xAC] AC2_HRO[15:0] AC2
[0xAD] AC2_LRO
[0xAE] AC3_HRO[15:0] AC3
[0xAF] AC3_LRO
[0xB0] AC4_HRO[15:0] AC4
[0xB1] AC4_LRO
[0xB2] AC5_HRO[15:0] AC5
[0xB3] AC5_LRO
[0xB4] AC6_HRO[15:0] AC6
[0xB5] AC6_LRO
[0xB6] B1_HRO[15:0] B1
[0xB7] B1_LRO
[0xB8] B2_HRO[15:0] B2
[0xB9] B2_LRO
[0xBA] MB_HRO[15:0] MB
[0xBC] MC_HRO[15:0] MC
[0xBE] MD_HRO[15:0] MD
[0xF6] MSBRO[23:0] MEASURE
[0xF7] LSBRO